VideoBites - Creative food for your soul - VideoArt Screening - emilio rizzo


3 Apr 19:00
LOCATION Abteilung für Alles Andere
Ackerstraße 18
10115 Berlin – Germany

An evening with inspiring creative videos:

Storia del cavallo beige by Emilio Rizzo (IT)
Wonder-land? by Contatto Art (IT)
Cosmic Snot #1 – Assiah by Wub! (ES)
Milena Oda spricht ihr Gedicht im Schliff by Milena Oda (CZ)
Words by VIV_G Vivian Giourousis (USA)
Paralanguages V3 by Vicky Vergou (UK)
Dulce despedida de mis recuerdos by mia pfeifer (CO)
Thread and worm by Ines (ES)
20 m by akjetam (SK)
Parallelism by Nacho Mayas Mira (ES)
 Solus by Pierre van Megen (NL)
Tale of suspensus_4 by svonica (IT)
 Artist’s Mantra by Waldez Snegotskiy (RU)


Messages, Ideas, Visions and Dreams. Fairy Tales, Myths, Philosophies and Beliefs, Declarations or Statements… a word, a sentence, a poem… a rainbow, a sunrise or a sunset, a street, a year, a day or an afternoon, a minute, a second, just one of those moments… rythm and unrhythm, waves, vibrations, synchronicity, connexions and disconnections. Time, Change, doubts, decisions, plans, actions, destiny, revolutions and evolutions… Is everything connected to everything else? what is “the other” and what is “me”? Is it another language, culture or point of view? Is it something I am not interested on or may I just not know about it? … Is The Everything Else weird, mysterious, distant or ignored? Beautiful, curious or inspiring? Is is out there? or is it inside? What is it that, we call the “Everything Else”?



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